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Kids Learning is Fun is a platform that helps parents by making learning easier for the kids. We have designed various programs that will help a kid to improve reading, spelling, writing, speaking, numeracy, etc. To help out the basic members, we have an extensive range of free information for them. However, we also have premium content that includes downloadable videos, resources and other similar things. By paying a nominal annual charge, our members can gain access to valuable resources.

Our reputation Why We Are So Effective

At Kids Learning is Fun, we understand the problem of the kids and their parents, so we provide the solution accordingly. Parents in Melbourne who feel overwhelmed due to the homework of the kids and unable to support in their learning often opt for our programs. Our strategies will help the kids to develop an interest in learning, and as a result, they will improve quickly and perform better. We have developed the strategies after a lot of research. Our learning strategies are:

  • 1 User-friendly
  • 2 Innovative
  • 3 Entertaining
  • 4 Informative
What we offer

Our Key Programs


It is a vital skill that your kids need to develop quickly. To improve the reading, we have strategies that focus on grammar, semantics, phonics and phonemes, reading with comprehensions, etc. 


In this program, the kids learn to write alphabets, understand types of genres, construct sentences, write the name, use grammar in writing, etc. All these things, in turn, help kids to improve their writing.


We also have a progzram that allows the kids to improve their spelling. In this program, the kids learn about rhyming words, homophones and homographs, mnemonics. We also help kids with other spelling strategies.


Our speaking programs help the kids to communicate in a much better manner. We have many videos and tutorials on how to develop a speech. In addition, it helps parents to enhance the overall communication of the kids. 


In this program, we improve the numeracy of the kids by teaching them about place value, learning numbers, basic addition, etc. All these skills help them to take an interest in their homework.


To enhance the reading, writing, speaking, or other skills in your kid, you need to improve the learning skills. We give you information about the different learning styles and latest methods.

For Everyone We Help Kids of All Age Groups 

Early Childhood

In this category, we design learning programs for kids who are aged between 2 and 4 years. We help them to learn about colour, shapes, days of the week, and other basic things. When the basic things of kids will be clear, they will start taking an interest in learning new things.


Lower primary

We also have a program is for kids who are 5 to 7 years of age. For this age group, we have videos and exercises that will help them learn about the basic spelling, upper & lower case alphabet, rhyming words, clock time charts, family facts, etc.


Middle & Upper Primary

This category belongs to kids who are 8-12 years of age, and we design our programs as per the age group. If you kids belong to this age group, we provide spelling activities, synonyms game, grammar charts, and many more things that improve their learning skills. We allow every kid to develop at their own speed.

Key Members

Our Experienced Teachers

Alan Parker
Stacy Lee
Nancy Robinson

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Know About the Programs

Our Key Upcoming Webinars

Today's Education/Learning Process
  • 14th June
  • We are organising a web event in which our experts will talk about the education process in the schools and the problem that kids experience nowadays. This webinar intends to make the parents aware of the current situation and inform them about the solution.


How to Increase Child's Interest in Learning
  • 28th June
  • Most young kids do not show interest in learning and thus struggle to read, write, speak, spell a word and do basic addition and subtraction. In this virtual event, our experts will share the strategies that the parents can use to help their kids to increase the interest.


Benefits of 'Kids Learning is Fun
  • 15th July
  • In this online seminar, we will discuss why Kids Learning is Fun is such an effective platform. The parent will also learn how this platform is helping the kids by making the learning entertaining and easier. We provide the solid foundation for kids that is required for success in future.


Guidance for Parents 
  • 1st August
  • We are also organising an online seminar for the parents of the kids. The parent plays a significant role in kid's learning, so they should know about the tips, resources, strategies, and information that can help them in their kids learning. We provide guidance, so the parents do not feel unprepared to support the kids.



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